Help Red Tag Values Put 100,000 People To Work This Year!

It’s True! Our goal is to put 100,000 Americans to work this year (2014)

Question is… do you want to help?

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Next… use the Red Tag App to find local deals

Finally… use the coupons you find on the Red Tag App!

Win Win! You save money, local businesses get new customers!

Looking for a new career?

Do you…

  • love your smartphone?
  • like talking to people?
  • like helping out your local community?
  • self motivate?

If you answered YES to these questions and are “trainable” then, WE WANT YOU!

Fill out the form, and paste in your resume… we will get back to you ASAP!

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The Red Tag Values Coupon App is going to change everything!

RedTagValues Mobile App Coupon-transp2The Red Tag App will change Small Business Marketing… Forever!

In today’s world we are all looking for a “Good Deal” on the products and services we buy… that’s why we are willing to buy cheap Chinese made stuff from HUGE national retailers.

It’s no secret that these huge national retailers do not support the communities they are in, nor do they pay a good days wage to their workers… and yet we as a society continue to support them by purchasing goods and services from them.

FACT: Less than 30% of the money spent with a national retailer actually stays within your community… to where the opposite is true with a locally owned business. Over 70% of the money you spend stays with your community.  (

FACT: Small businesses employ over 95% of the current working population! (

Like most people, we know that you would like to support your local community and would do so if you could afford it…

Red Tag Values… a simple coupon program… is going to help you support your community by making you aware of local savings you didn’t even know were there!

PLUS! Once you have downloaded the FREE Red Tag Values Smartphone App… you no longer have to search for deals! Just open your app, and the map will show you great local deals that are right around you!!

Using coupons has never been so easy!

In the past, you might find a coupon you would like to use… but it ends up on the fridge at home… and you never have it with you to use… right?? Well, the Red Tag App is always with you… because all of your coupons are now on your phone!

Simply bring up the coupon you wish to use, show it to the person at the register and get the deal! That’s it!

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